Capacity Builders

Program Design

Technical assistance provided to design and deliver a customized capacity building program for your grantees or constituents.

Nonprofit Peer Learning

Support the growth and improvement you want to see with the nonprofits you serve by providing a Peer Learning Program. This cost-effective approach to capacity building combines the best of training, technical assistance and peer support for organizational change and growth. To learn more about nonprofit peer learning, check out, "Peer Learning Community Programs: Cost Effective Capacity Building for Nonprofits", a how-to manual for capacity builders.

Conference Programs

Topics for conference workshops include:

  • The One Page Business Plan for Nonprofit Organizations©
  • Promoting Your Nonprofit: Marketing, Messaging and Public Relations
  •  Launching and Leading a Community Collaborative
  • Board Leadership in Fund Development
  • Developing a Mission-Driven Earned Income Strategy

“Catherine Marshall has the right combination of experience, skills, and temperament to work with a broad base of diverse constituents and provide successful outcomes. I know that Catherine will always go beyond expectations. We have received nothing but rave reviews, praise, and appreciation from our network regarding its working relationship with Catherine.”

Tim Reese
Executive Director
Community Action Partnership
Sacramento, CA

Contact Catherine Marshall for help in designing and launching nonprofit capacity building programs. Catherine Marshall proudly serves clients throughout the U.S.